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Alice in Wonderland Theme Party Photo Booth Washington

Wednesday September 23, 2020

You are having a Mad Tea Party, in honour of everyone’s favourite movie Alice in Wonderland.

Send out fun invitations to your friends for a Mad Tea Party and dress up as their favourite characters. Tell them to head over to the vintage clothing store to help create their best outfits. 

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Create an enchanting forest, and have items that are a part of the movie. Use things like keys, potion bottles, pocket watch, queen of hearts on top and the whole deck of cards around the venue. Think of what type of items could make your party outstanding. 

To make your party very dreamy and colourful, use things like:

  • Sheer Curtains
  • Mismatched tea sets (ask your friends to bring theirs over)
  • Set up clocks around the party area
  • Mismatched chairs – (get creative: use a stool or a bench)
  • Candles
  • Frames
  • Olds books
  • DIY signs (tea party, the wrong way, up here, etc.)
  • Colourful Flowers
  • And more

Write down known Alice in Wonderland movie quotes. Place them in a bowl and play a game with them, kind of like movie charades. Playing games will spice up your party and test your friends’ knowledge of the movie. In the Alice in Wonderland movie, the characters eat a lot of sweets, so make sure to set up a sweets only table. 

Linked is a website that goes in-depth with decorations and games.

Event Booth USA Rental Services in Washington

Rent a photo booth in Washington from Event Booth USA to capture everyone’s hard work at their outfits. Capturing the fun times you are having with each other. A suggestion to your backdrop is a very colourful backdrop that will stand out. You can rent from our sister company Flower Wall USA. a Flower wall will look extraordinary in the background. Event Booth USA has lots of props that will only make your photos look amazing. Customize a photo template to match the theme of your party, and your friends can take with them a memory for the books.

Alice in Wonderland

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