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Event Booth – Photo Booth Rental

#1 Photo Booth Rental USA


Top Photo Booth Rental Company in Augusta, Georgia

We are a top-rated photo booth rental company now offering our award-winning photo booth rentals in Augusta, Georgia. We offer beautiful wedding photo booths, birthday party photo booths and stunning special event photo booths of every kind. Your Augusta photo booth rental is going to be perfect feature to add unique enjoyment, entertainment and memorability to your next special event.

Why Rent A Photo Booth in Augusta?        

  • The Perfect Unique Addition To Your Special Event: Your beautiful photo booth is going to be the highly enjoyable and memorable feature that everyone at your special event is sure to celebrate and appreciate. The unique entertainment that your photo booth will offer will be quite impossible to forget. 
  • Create Fun and Lasting Memories: Your photo booth is going to be the perfect place for you and all your guests to create those fun and lasting memories that we all love to be able to make. With our wide selection of fun props, live photo view, and a booth open-concept enough for larger groups, plus unlimited on-site 4×6 prints and digital copies, your photo booth is going to make those fond memories as easy to make as 1,2,3. 
  • Effortlessly Entertain Your Guests: If you want to make sure that everyone in attendance at your special event will be effortlessly entertained, your photo booth rental is going to be the perfect feature to make sure that happens. All your guests will have to do is come up to the photo booth and the rest of the enjoyment will flow effortlessly. Plus, our on-site attendant will be on staff managing the photo booth the whole time, so all you’ll have to do is watch the magic happen, or join in on it!

Why Rent From Us?   

  • Trustworthy, Award-Winning Service: We have been rated The #1 Photo Booth Rental USA and we offer that level of high-quality service with every photo booth rental we deliver. Our award-winning photo booth rental company offers the kind of dependable and trustworthy service that you need to make sure your photo booth experience is everything you’re looking for.
  • An All-Inclusive, High-Quality Photo Booth Experience: Our photo booth rental includes all the features and amenities that you need to make it the highly enjoyable photo booth experience you are looking for. For starters, our open-concept photo booth makes it so that larger groups of you and your guests can snap photos together so that all your unique connections can be cherished long after the event is officially over. Our unlimited 4×6 prints plus digital copies, all produced on our high-quality camera and on-site printer, ensure that all those memories made right then and there can be held on to, and even shared on social media platforms. All of our photo booths come with a premium backdrop of your choice, as well as tons of fun and unique props to pose with. Plus, our on-site professional attendant will be on staff from start to finish to make sure the whole experience is offered seamlessly. With all these features and more, we make sure to offer you the all-inclusive high-quality photo booth experience that you are looking for. 
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Types Of Events We Serve


Wedding Photo Booth Rental In Augusta, Georgia: We’re honoured to offer you our beautiful wedding photo booths on your special day. Your photo booth is going to be a wonderful opportunity for you and all of your special guests to strike a pose together in celebration, and for everyone to take home a token of the momentous occasion they got to be a part of. With unlimited on-site prints and digital copies, those unique memories and moments will be able to be easily reflected on, cherished, and shared for years to come.

Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental In Augusta, Georgia: Your corporate event photo booth is going to be the feature that everyone in attendance to your special event is sure to appreciate. Whether you are hosting an event for long-term networks, a group of newer associaties, or anywhere in between, your photo booth is going to be the perfect place for everyone in attendance to socialize, break the ice, and make light hearted memories with one another. Your beautiful photo booth is going to bring that extra flair of enjoyment and memorability that you are looking to have at your next corporate event.

Birthday Party Photo Booth Rental In Augusta, Georgia: Your birthday party photo booth rental is going to be the perfect celebratory addition to include in your special occassion. With your beautiful photo booth, plus all of its quirky props, you and all your guests will get the unique opportunity to capture your celebration and special connections with one another effortlessly. With unlimited on-site 4×6 prints and digital copies you’ll also get to easily cherish and reflect on those memories long after your event is officially over.

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Included Features

  • Unlimited 4×6 Prints during event + share to social media
  • Email sharing
  • On-site attendant
  • Tons of fun props provided for guests!
  • Photo booth backdrop of your choice


There’s no need to break the bank to have some fun. Our prices are based on the amount of hours you want our booth for. We rent for a minimum of two hours, including one hour for set-up.

  • 2 hours + 1 hour setup: $499
  • Additional time: $50/per hour.

Similarly, every rental has access to the following equipment

  • DSLR camera
  • State of the art printer
  • Light box
  • Backdrop and stand
  • Table for props.


Our event photography booth rental service extends from San Francisco to Washington and Baltimore. Reservation deposits are non-refundable. If your event date changes, we will apply the deposit to the new event date.

Our event photo booth rental service extends from San Francisco and surrounding areas like Akron, Allentown, Atlanta, Aurora, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Columbia, Columbus, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Detroit, El Paso, Everett, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York, Norfolk, Oakland, Orlando,  Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburg, Reno, Rochester, Rockford, San Antonio, San Jose, Santa Clara, Scottsdale, Seattle, St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Tempe, Tallahassee, Virginia Beach, Washington, West Palm Beach, Yonkers and + more cities!

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